West Central Affordable Housing Project

The West Central Affordable Housing Project has been in process since April of 2016.  This project seeks to renovate and restore 5 houses that had originally been scheduled for demolition.  St. Paul’s United Methodist, led by Pastor Deb Conklin, decided to provide us the funding to move, restore, and renovate these beautiful homes. The vision is to turn the houses into shared, affordable, and/or transitional housing.

The West Central area has been in dire need of affordable housing for many years.  The pressure from the Kendall Yards area has been forcing property owners to raise rent prices even for those who can not afford it.  This project seeks to keep rent prices low and provide basic necessities in the houses that low-income individuals may not have (kitchen items, living room items, internet access, etc.).

We are now in our middle phase of the project.  All of the houses have been moved to their locations throughout the West Central area.  All we have to do to get them ready is renovate and restore them.

We will be looking for volunteers that can do roofing, interior & exterior, plumbing, and electrical work so that we can get these ready for people to move in who desperately need affordable housing.  We will be recruiting these volunteers over a myriad of avenues.  Stay connected to this website, our Facebook page, The Oak Tree website, and The Oak Tree Facebook page for more information on how to volunteer as time moves on.

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