Building a Movement in Spokane to Exercise Power to Create Justice!

We are making common cause with our neighbors to bring about a just, equitable, sustainable, happy, and healthy community. In solidarity is power.

We believe in a sharing economy that builds wealth for all and not a few. We believe that we are responsible to each other for keeping our communities safe and healthy, so the economy should be developed in a way least destructive and most sustainable of common assets, like the air, water, soil, and climate.

To those ends, we are building an organization that supports worker ownership of business and the development of a mutually supportive, job-creating network of businesses. We support local, poly-cultural agriculture, food production, and food distribution. To that end, we need your help to incubate worker-owned business, provide legal and educational resources to sharing economy enterprises. Thank you for checking out our page and join in! It’s cooler in the Grove!

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