The Grove Community in Spokane Events…

Volunteer Work Parties (Coming Soon)
Volunteer Position Actions (Coming Soon)

The Oak Tree (in coalition with The Grove Community) Events…

Engaging Conversations

This is a small group of individuals who want to engage in the major topics of the week.  We post our topics on Wednesday or Thursday on the Oak Tree Facebook events page prior to our meeting. Topics tend to be related to social justice issues.  We’ve discussed women’s rights, LGBTQ issues, economics, immigration, healthcare, social and political processes, and a host of others.  We have an open and friendly atmosphere so we respect everyone’s opinion and/or beliefs.

Every 2nd & 4th Sundays | 6:30 PM
The Lantern Tap House (1004 S Perry St.)

Engaging Conversations Movie Night

At Liberty Park UMC, we host a particular movie that challenges our thinking, engages us on a particular topic, and/or inspires us for real change.  After the movie, we engage with one another about the overall theme of the film, what inspired us about it, and/or what challenged our perspective.  So come, bring a snack and/or non-alcoholic drink, and engage with us as we enjoy some good cinema. Check out The Oak Tree Facebook events page for which movie we are presenting.

Every 3rd Sunday | 6:30 PM
Liberty Park United Methodist Church (1526 E 11th Ave)

Story Sharing

This is a time where someone shares their story that relates to a more general theme in society.  Through sharing their story, others listening will find relation, a strengthening of relationship, and a more personal knowledge of how, why, and what this person that is all about.  Our time together features a potluck, so bring a dish, some fruits or veggies, and a non-alcoholic beverage of choice.  There is a kitchen we will be able to utilize if needed.

Every 1st Sunday | 6:30 PM
Liberty Park United Methodist Church (1526 E 11th Ave)


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